Frequently Asked Questions

What The (expletive removed)?? Are you serious??

Not Really, You Prude. Its inspired by Borat Sagdiyev, If you haven't heard of him already, go look him up.

We have Sold to Over 20 Countries around the Globe. And No, we have not sent to Kasakhstan.

Initially, people were buying them for Bucks (Stag) Night but have caught on as Gag Gifts for Birthdays & Secret Santa Gifts over Christmas.

And of course, the Ladies wanting to spice things up for a SEXY TIME....!!!

Will this fit me??

Yes, One Size Fits Most Testi-Satchels....!!! Unless, that is you have a Khram as big as a Gypsy Wacking Bat.

Just pull the crotch area of the garment (NOT the khram just yet!) upwards or downwards to get best fit. If anything, this garment enhances the Satchel package, unlike some others around.

This garment will stretch quite a bit. It should fit comfortably from height of 160 - 195cm. If you're under 160cm, you should be alright. You'll just loose a little tension on the straps.

I'm not sure if he'd wear it??

Well, if its for a Bucks Night then tell him: "BAD LUCK!"

If you mean "Him" as in Yourself, then wear a pair of boxer briefs or trunks (nude colour maybe) underneath. Socks can also be of assistance.

How long will it take to ship??

Please check: Shipping & Returns.

Why should I buy The Mankini when I can get one with the DVD??

Well the 'Original' is not quite like the one Borat actually wears. In fact, its Horrible! Its made from Non-Stretch Polyester (NO Lycra!) and the front & back are the same width. So you could expect severe chaffing & shame from it. Its like forcing your undies up your crack! Not a pleasant feeling, hey?

With ours, you will get The Laughs, instead of getting assaulted (although we don't guarantee this won't happen!).

If you're wanting one for the Groom on Bucks Night, at least make him look a bit respectable without having his 'Christmas Decorations' hanging from either side or like he just finished an early morning Artic swim.